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The funded trader program or also known as TFT (in short) was founded by the same founders as VVS Academy and The Forex League. They established this firm to better help their community of like minded traders.

Who are the funded trader program?

The Funded Trader Program is a proprietary firm that was fomed on the 12th of May, 2021. Their office is based in the US and located at 14001 W HWY 29, Suite 102, Liberty Hill, TX 78642.

TFT offer their traders a chance to work with capital up to $1.5m and with up to 90% profit splits. Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles are their two brokers they use as a partners.

TFT’s funding program options

They have 2 different types of challenges; 1. Standard challenge 2. Rapid challenge.

Standard Challenge

  • $50k account balance for $315
  • $100k account balance for $549
  • $200k account balance for $899
  • $400k account balance for $1,789

Rapid challenge

$50k account balance for $315
$100k account balance for $549
$200k account balance for $899

They have 2 step evaluation, Phase 1 and Phase 2. For Phase 1, the Profit Target is 10% and 5% on phase 2 respectively. For phase 1 there are 35 trading days and 60 trading days period on phase 2 respectively. For each phase, the minimum trading days is 5.

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TFT allows to trade forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies with leverages ranging from 2:1 to 200:1.

The profit split is a high 80% and 90% if you go with scaling plan. And you are allowed a maximum daily loss of 6% and a maximum overall loss of 12%.

Standard and Rapid challenge [update]

As per email notification received below, TFT will have now regular and swing accounts.

On swing accounts, traders will be able to hold trades over the weekend. Leverage is 1:60 standard and 1:30 on rapid.

Royal Challenge (New)

$50k account balance for $289

$100k account balance for $489

$200k account balance for $939

$200k challenge account

In royal challenge, traders can use EA (expert advisors) now. Although on the email notification, TFT said lower profit target (see below), however the profit target is still the same at 8% and 5% respectively on both phase 1 and phase 2. And no lot size limits as claimed.


TFT have a very good support and fast response time. You can select from 4 different languages from English, French, Portugese and Spanish.

Discord server

Check their discord server here You get lots of inspiration.

Payout proof

Lots of traders have made from 4 figures to even 6 figures. Just don’t take word for it. See that for yourself in TFT’s discord server.

$121k withdrawal proof in a month.

Which brokers does TFT use?

TFT uses Purple Trading Seychelles and Eightcap as their two main brokers.

Purple trading


Both MT4 and MT5 platform is supported by Eightcap brokers but only MT4 is supported by Purple Trading. See image below for reference.

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Purple trading doesn’t support MT5 platform.

What other traders are saying about TFT on trustpilot review?

TFT have a trustpilot rating of 4.9 which is outstanding.

4.9 overall rating stars

How to get started with the Funded Traded Program?

Getting started is easy. First you choose your desired challenge be it standard or rapid challenge. Once you select. Fill out your details and desired payment method. You can also pay by cyrptocurrencies (also you will get discount with it). Their cyrpto payment method is powered by coinbase.

Then after you tick TFT’s terms and conditions, refund and dispute policy, you click to proceed to coinbase which will take you to the next payment page.

When paying with cyrptocurrency you will have 1 hour to finish the transaction as shown on the image top right hand corner. Just click on the where it says pay with coinbase with your desired payment currency. In this case I choose USDC stable coin.

Now you will be given an USDC address to send the payment. Just scan from mobile phone. I used Binance here.

After scanning the barcode, for some reason the address is populated with extra length.

Just delete the other and make sure the address is correct before you send. Double or even triple check. Also don’t forget to consider the fee. Also I chose ERC20 as a network. Coinbase use ERC20 network. So hence the extra $10 network fee.

Once you are happy to proceed press confirm.

Click on confirm.

Finish the 2 factor authentication.

Wait for the withdrawal to be processed.

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After a few minutes a new page will load. You can click on view payment or continue.

And voila that’s it. Challenge purchase done.

Received account within 1 minute.

Once the payment has been received by TFT. You will get your account login credentials. In my case, I received account in 1 minute. That’s the fastest compare to any other funded trading accounts.

TFT dashboard

This is is the inside of TFT trading dashboard. It’s pretty self explantory.

TFT competition and leaderboard

They have been running a competition every month since January 2022, where the winning traders win a various free evaluation prizes.


Find TFT on social media

Instagram: Thefundedtrader

Telegram: Thefundedtraderprogram

Youtube: Thefundedtrader

The Funded Trader Program discount code

Use the discount code W23X6QNV8I to get 10% off.

All Purchases Made Using Crypto Are Eligible For
90% Payouts + 150% Refund. Use code Crypto

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