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Apextraderfunding.com review


Not to confuse with apextrader.com. Apex trader funding was founded in September 2021 by trading veteran Darrell Martin. It’s moto is ‘Traders Helping Traders’.

Their main office is based in following address:

Apex Trader Funding Inc.

2028 E. Ben White Blvd
Ste 240 -9873
Austin, TX 78741

It is a new funding company and is gaining very popular among futures traders.

In their own words,

We are a community of traders. We believe in helping traders trade well.

After trying and reviewing all the different proprietary trading firms they could find, they finally decided to create a better model which they always have wanted.

ATF has already funded $152 million (yes MILLION) to futures traders only in few months since its inception.

What are the Apex trader funding program benefits?


Founded by successful day trader Darrel Martin, Apex Trader Funding offers funded accounts with supremely fast access to anyone willing to go through their evaluation process. The latter is a one-step method, excelling in speed compared to the industry standard, lengthy, sometimes multiple weeks long qualification, giving a few good points to Apex right from the get go. According to their official website, using this evaluation, traders could potentially get funded within 10 days, earning Apex Trader Funding a respectable place among the fastest funding organizations in the industry.

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On a different note, a review like this can’t be complete without thoroughly observing the rule structure of the candidate. At the end of the day, complex systems of punishing rules tend to account for incredibly high trader turnover rates, which indicates how often do traders get kicked out of their accounts for failing to comply with the set rules. If you come across a high turnover rate, we highly recommend you avoid the related organization.

Thankfully, Apex Trader Funding does exceedingly well in this category. While it has some basic rules–for example, about risk management–Apex is proud of the fact that there are no hidden elements, or random conditions in its system that can result in you losing your account for seemingly no reason, earning the organization another plus point on the scale.

Profit distribution

Let’s face it: the vast majority of us trade for profit, so to get a good overall rating, it’s particularly important to score well in this category. Let’s recap how profit distribution works: in many cases, funded traders can keep a higher percentage of their profits up to a certain initial amount, after which this percentage significantly drops, and more gains go to the funding organization. The above-mentioned initial amount is usually a couple of thousand dollars with 60-80% profit retention, dropping to as low as 50% after crossing this number in some instances. Apex Trader Funding’s offer seems to top the above figures by a healthy margin: according to their website, traders can keep 100% of the returns they generate up to $10,000. This, combined with the fact that even after crossing this line, the percentage they receive only drops to 90%, makes a really solid case for Apex.

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Final verdict

Funded trading is a great option for anyone who can’t get started on her/his own for reasons that shouldn’t prevent success. However, finding the right partner is becoming harder every single day, with many companies pursuing lengthy qualification processes, complicated rules, and hefty margins. Fortunately, when it comes to ease of getting started, transparency of rules and rationale, Apex Trader Funding scores exceedingly well; their fine-tuned profit distribution system is just the cherry on top. Overall, if you’re looking to get started with funded trading, it’s evident that Apex Trader Funding is the optimal choice, where you need the least to get started, but receive the most for your efforts.

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